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MISSING LINKS IN STRUCTURE AND PAIN Vol. 1: Disc Herniations and Back Pain

  When it comes to the public’s understanding of back pain, few words are as frightening as this one: DISC. Many people are led to believe that if they have a disc herniation somewhere in their spine, their backs will never be the same. HA! This could not be further from the truth. Let’s look […]

Fact vs. Fiction: Does Anterior Pelvic Tilt actually cause (or predict) back pain?

Anterior pelvic tilt: it’s that SCARY angle formed between the heights of two bony landmarks in your iliac crest. A lot of health, exercise and rehabilitation professionals (myself included…just not anymore) will try to assess this through touch/measurement as a potential indicator of increased lumbar lordosis (more arch in your lower back) and extrapolate this […]