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What Should be Included in a Comprehensive ‘Shoulder Health’ Training Program

Scapular stability is one of the most popular things you will hear about when you walk into a strength and conditioning facility, especially if that facility deals with the overhead athlete population (ie. baseball, volleyball, swimming, tennis etc). But does it have merit? Let’s dive into the background and the evidence. What is it?  The […]

How to Practically use Athlete Monitoring and Training Workloads in your Practice (Mini-series part 3).

Part 3 of a collaborative mini-series (check out Part 1 and Part 2): Just over a year ago, work brought forth by Tim Gabbett (2016) highlighted the importance, but also simplicity, of monitoring training workloads in athletes. His research has demonstrated fairly consistent relationships between athlete training workloads and soft-tissue injury development. The practicality of […]

An evidence-based ACL injury prevention training program

Strength and conditioning is no longer solely concerned with making an athlete stronger, more explosive or ensuring their energy system demands are up to par for their sport. Now more than ever, parents and coaches want to ensure that their athletes are training to prevent injury. After all, it’s hard to optimize your performance on […]

Changing of the Guard: How strength and conditioning has helped to evolve rehabilitation, and vice versa.

When the words “physiotherapy” or “rehabilitation” get muttered around a strength gym, it traditionally hasn’t been words of praise. Often times, it is riddled with criticism and mockery. As a young physiotherapist, I can certainly see why. Decades of disconnect between the two professions has seemed to leave a sizeable gap between the rehabilitation and […]

Exposing Training Misconceptions: ‘Keep your core tight!’

If you’re a strength coach, athlete or fitness enthusiast, you’ve probably heard (or given) ‘keep your core tight’ as a coaching cue. What is it? A conscious tensing of the core prior to (and during) performance of tasks, which is believed to promote optimal alignment, core strength and stability, force transfer, prevention of injury, and […]