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Move More Weight Monday’s: The Lateral Sled Push


We all know the importance of training outside of the sagittal plane, not only for athletic development and strength, but as a means of promoting movement that we can tap into daily when we need it. Today’s ‘Move More Weight’ Monday looks at an excellent frontal plane exercise that can be utilized by a wide array of clientele.

Sled variations are one of my favourite methods of developing strength and power without beating up on the joints (in fact, once a year I completely step back from the barbell for a 6-8 week phase and utilize only sled variations and DB’s in my training). It’s a good way to give my body a rest while still providing an overload stimulus that contributes to strength gains upon returning to the barbell. Most of us have seen heavy and light sled pushes and pulls, and even lateral sled drags in the frontal plane, but the lateral sled push is one that isn’t nearly as popular (usually because it’s an awkward setup and arm position if you try to complete it without the use of the band). It was actually born out of necessity for one of my athletes who came to me with some genetic limitations to the right extremities that wouldn’t allow them to hold appreciable weight in their hands or allow them to get into either of the racking positions safely. As such, we had to get creative with exercises in order to provide them with a quality training effect that would allow them to excel on the ice and field. Since then, I have also utilized this variation with other athletes who are immobilized at the forearm, wrist or fingers.

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